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Detroit has it going on!

Hello Hello!  How’s everyone doing today?  Me, I’m good other than being so ready for fall and the cooler temperatures that come with it but will wait out another month or so before that happens.  ARG!  Anyways, I found another great article about how tiny homes are doing good for the homeless and low income population in Detroit.  You can read the article here. or click below to read my comments on it. =)

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Utilities Part 3 – Solar

Howdy all!  Well, this is a busy week for me at work and the posts are a bit delayed.  I hope to get caught up tomorrow.  Anyways, let’s discuss solar today.  The solar panels (I think I have 4 – I haven’t actually been on the roof to confirm though) are permanently attached to the roof and the batteries are in the little attached storage area in the back as shown here.


Solar Battery storage on right
Solar battery storage
Solar batteries
Solar batteries

As mentioned time and time again, I hope to go off grid in the future.  However, I’m also on a budget and know that solar (even though your electric bill is small or zero) is quite pricey upfront.  But, when my builder approached me with a deal on solar panels, I couldn’t pass it up thinking that if he installed it during the construction process it would be better than retrofitting one later on down the road.  Well, in hindsight, I should have just waited on the solar – especially after going to the Tiny House Jamboree.  Let me explain….

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Utilities Part 2 – electric

Welcome back!  Today’s topic is “electrifying”. haha! As I mentioned previously, my parking spot has RV utility hook ups, which I currently am connected to for water (all the time) and partially for electric.  I do have solar panels and switch back and forth between the city electric and solar.   I’m parked in an area that is shaded in the morning yet gets the afternoon & evening sun.  Back to the electric….

RV utility hook ups
RV utility hook ups

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To compost or not to compost – that was the (biggest) question


Today we’re going to discuss sewer use in the tiny house.  Since my plan all along is to eventually be off-grid, after much debate and internet searching, I went with a composting toilet.  By using a composting toilet, I only have grey water sewage which will make it easier to go off grid in the future, specially since I already use earth friendly bio-degradable soap products. =)  Grey water is any waste water from cooking and cleaning such as laundry water, hand washing water, etc.

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