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Toilet Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Do you like the title of this post.  Doesn’t it make you laugh?!  This post is an update on the new toilet.  You can read about why I got a new toilet here  and Here’s where I got a new toilet.  And finally, check out this post about installing the new toilet.

So now that your caught up in my toilet situation – what’s it like after using it for a month – ok, not quite a month but you get the idea…

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Thankful Tuesday!

Hello and happy Tuesday!  Is this your last day of the work week???  I’ve got a morning class then I’m done for a bit.  Woohoo!  So excited to get some much needed rest and recovery. =)

Today’s topic is again on plumbing.  The never ending saga, huh?  Over the weekend a plumber came out to give me a quote to switch out from the composting toilet (read previous blog posts about my issues with it) to an RV toilet.

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Composting toilet – take 2

Hello!  Welcome back!  Hope you had a great Monday!  Mine was productive, which is always a great way to start the week. =)

As promised today is the second part of the composting toilet issue.  As I mentioned yesterday the composting toilet, while a good choice for sustainability, is a bit too much maintenance for me at this point since I do have the option to connect to the septic system.  When I go off grid in the future this will be the perfect situation.

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