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Hello and happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a great Monday and start of the week!  One of the project I worked on this past weekend was recording a video tour of my house for you all.  A few folks suggested it as a way to “feel” what it’s like to live tiny.  Well, the video tour turned into a 360 degree interactive photo – which I’ll get into later this week. However, today is all about the still photographs. I’m only showing a few at a time because I want to discuss some of the items along with them.  Enjoy!

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Love’n to have an oven

One of the most popular questions I get asked when people find out I live in a tiny house is, “do you have a kitchen?”  or “how do you cook?” or “where do you cook?”.  My response is that I have a full kitchen just smaller than the traditional house.  It took a bit of time because my original plan to have this  range

20" RV propane 3 burner range.
20″ RV propane 3 burner range.

Installed by the builder, however, he didn’t open the delivery box until the time it was to be installed and discovered it was damaged during shipping. =(  Whomp whomp.

The builder looked around for RV dealers in the area that would have this in stock to use as a replacement but no such luck.  Plan B was to find a 20″ freestanding range at Home Depot or Lowes but this size is a special order and again, no such luck.  Given the floorplan

24' tiny house floorplan
24′ tiny house floorplan

was designed around a 20″ wide range, this wasn’t negotiable.  I wanted the builder to install the range because I am not comfortable working with propane.  During this debacle I also looked at just propane cooktops and then getting a toaster oven and placing on the countertop, which isn’t ideal as I need as much countertop space as needed.

Propane cooktop
Propane cooktop

Because I follow a Paleo/whole food diet, having an oven is a necessity to me and I decided to order a 20″ freestanding propane range and having it delivered to my parking spot and trying to install myself.  (again, how hard would it be to connect the fuel lines?).  After searching for a propane ready range (which are not very common) I decided on this one.

20" wide freestanding propane range
20″ wide freestanding propane range

I ordered this online to be delivered to my house and carried inside with the intention to install (hook up to propane) myself as the builder left the propane lines in the space where this is to go.  Fast forward 4 weeks and I finally got the range delivered.  Yes, I lived with cooking on something like this

electric single burner
electric single burner

for 4 weeks!  I have never been so excited to get a delivery in my life!  So the delivery guys arrange the time to drop off my range – which was one of those 4 hour deals – and I wait, they finally come, and don’t have on their ticket to bring the range inside, unload it, and haul away the trash which I had paid extra for!  I kindly bring this up to them and they do agree to bring it inside (there’s no way I could carry a range up 3 stairs by myself!).  Once inside, I can shuffle it into it’s spot and install it, no biggie!  I go to install the PROPANE stove that I paid extra for and find out – luckily due to the id number on the stove – that it is actually a NATURAL GAS range.  This usually wouldn’t be a problem as it’s just a few pieces to switch out to convert to propane BUT this means that I can’t use the range in the meantime and the company I ordered from doesn’t have the fastest shipping.  I think it was 2 weeks later, I received the pieces and switched the range to propane.  I try to install it using a propane install kit I picked up from the local hardware store…..and yeah, I smell propane.  Not a good thing.  Long story short, I have to call in plumbers to come and install the propane range, which again, takes a few days to schedule.

Well, after 6 or more weeks of waiting to have something to cook on, I finally have a fully functioning kitchen!  Woo hoo!

20" freestand propane range - FINALLY
Isn’t this glorious???

I’m so excited to have a working oven that I go to bake cookies – one of my favorite things to do in my free time – AND the stinking oven makes the fire alarms go off!!!  WHAT? Not quite sure why as it was just the fire alarm and not my carbon monoxide detector – it was a cold day outside as I was hoping the oven would take the chill out of the house and instead I’m on the ladder trying to get the fire alarm to silence.  ARG! So I currently have an extremely heavy and expensive storage space for my pots and pans.  =( The stove top works great but I do miss baking and having an oven.

After some debate and searching – for the time being – I am going to purchase a convection counterop toaster oven so that I can bake.  Future plans, when budget and time allow, will be to sell or donate this range, replace the countertop piece and install the 3 burner propane cook top

Future stove top
Future stove top

with shelving under that will house the convection toaster and have storage for pots and pans.  In the mean time, the toaster oven is working and currently sits on top of the mini fridge.

What would you do in my situation?  Do you need/want an oven?