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Hello, hello!  Happy Monday AND first day of class!  While I really (and I mean REALLY) enjoy my summers I am looking forward to being back into a schedule and a routine.  Ok, give me a month of it then I’ll want my summer break back but for now it’s a good thing.  I’m more productive when I have a schedule filled with meetings and things to juggle.  Is that just me?

Anyways, no update on the front porch because neither company has returned my calls for a quote. So, while I wait on what to do with the porch, I installed some shelving that I have been meaning to get to BEFORE I left for summer but never got around to it.  The shelves were literally leaning up again the wall just waiting to be installed soooo I now have more kitchen shelving!

empty wall

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Update on the garage

Happy Friday friends!  What do you have planned for this weekend?  I hope it’s something fun!  Me, I’ve got fun plans that involve some mountain trail running. =)  I’ll leave you with this update of my garage.

As mentioned before, the garage is a bit (ok, a lot) bigger than I had designed/planned on.  This was one of the items my builder took the liberty of doing himself.  While I would like more interior living space instead of this storage space, it is nice to have everything out of the way and a bit of room to move in there.  This is what it looked like upon first moving in.

bike garage upon first moving in
bike garage upon first moving in

While this is pretty well organized, it wasn’t user friendly.  I installed the shelving on 3 walls to make room for the bikes below – however, upon placing the rubbermaid containers on the shelves, it didn’t leave much room to walk in between to actually get a bike out or get into one of the containers. After some work this weekend, here’s the most recent – organized garage.

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