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Parking spot feature…

Hello and happy Monday!  Did you all have a great weekend? I hope so!  Mine was pretty low key.  I’m not sure what was going on but I was just extremely tired and didn’t want to do anything (at all!) other than just chill on the couch and watch TV.  I even took a nap on Saturday afternoon.  This is pretty unusual for me.  I’m feeling back to “normal” now and must have needed some down time.  Regardless, that means that I didn’t do much this weekend other than the necessities.

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Laundry fail

TGIF!  woohoo!  We made it through another week. =)

Last weekend, I felt like I was rocking the whole laundry thing.  On Saturday I had to be at the gym by 8:00 AM to teach a spinning class.  No problem at all as I am a morning person and up by 5:00 AM on the weekdays and around 6:30 AM on the weekends unless I have something planned and need to be up earlier.  So I got up last Saturday at my 6:30 AM time and decided to wash my sheets so that when I returned from the gym later that afternoon they would be dry and I could go about my day.  I checked the forecast which showed only clouds and a 10% chance of rain.  I don’t have a photo of the morning forecast but this is when I returned home.

cloudy forecast
notice no rain on this yet it’s currently raining….

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