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Hello everyone!  Happy humpty-dumpty day!   How’s your week going to far?  Me, I’m back into the swing of things….it’s a busy busy time of the year when classes start back up and all the students move back to campus.  There’s a lot of planning and prepping that get done in this last week before class.  I can now say, “summer is officially over”.  It absolutely flew by!  It sure was a fun one though. =)

I know I mentioned something about a front porch/deck quite awhile ago and never really followed through with the end of the blog post….anyone recall that?  Let’s hope not because I hate to leave things unfinished but I think it slipped my mind to finish the post then I traveled (did I mentioned that I had the amazing opportunity to teach a two week class in Taos, New Mexico???  It’s a really fun place if you get the chance to visit.) Anyways, today I’m going to discuss my next big purchase – a front porch with stairs that are actually code compliant.  The stairs I have now are those metal pull out RV stairs and definitely not code compliant.


these are, of course,attached to the house!

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Other additions

In addition to adding a front porch/deck/stair area, I’m also interested in installing an awning above the front door.  This will make going in and out in the rain easier and give a little space to keep shoes so that I am not tracking dirt into the tiny house.  I have to sweep about every day because it’s hard to keep such a small space clean.  I even try to have dedicated indoor shoes and change into other ones when I have to go outside to eliminate the need to clean.  I struggle with this though as I often forget. I really need to work on doing this! Anyways, to help with this problem I would like to install an awning above the front door.

Front door needs an awning
Front door needs an awning

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Future additions

Welcome back!  Today I want to talk about some ideas I have for the front door of my tiny house.  I’m currently using the trailer supplied retractable RV style stairs.  While these are functional I would like a deck area immediately upon exiting the front door to utilize the exterior space better and make it more welcoming.  I would also like a covered area over and around the door to store shoes so that I don’t track dirt into the house.

The front door needs a make over to be more welcoming
The front door needs a make over to be more welcoming

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