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Electrifying news…

Hello and happy Tuesday!  Welcome back!  How’s everyone doing?  Me, I’m hanging in there.  It’s a busy time of the semester with last minute things, events, grading, projects, students freaking out, etc.  Plus I’m teaching a 2 week summer class right after the end of this term so I have to prepare for that…add on top of that, I’ve had an ear infection for the past week.  Yup, a grown adult with an ear infection.  I’ve been to see my doc and a specialist so I have some good meds.  I am on the mend but it has not been fun and quite painful. So what’s it like to be sick in a tiny house you ask….uh, just like being sick in a normal size house. ha! I spent a lot of time this weekend on the couch just relaxing,  drinking tea, watching movies, etc.  So really no different other than the fact that I also cleaned the whole house, which took all of 10 minutes so I guess that’s the added benefit to living tiny.

Another benefit…..

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Energy consumption

Welcome back friends!  Today’s topic is on energy. I feel like I need lightening bolts to follow that.  As you all know, I rent land from an elderly couple outside of city limits.  Included in my “rent” is water from the well and a septic system.  All other utilities I have to pay for/provide. There is a 30 amp and 50 amp hook ups available for electric but I pay those myself.  Since I live outside city limits, our power is from a co-op company and I think the rate is a bit high – but I honestly haven’t looked into it so I’m not sure.  Anyways…. Continue reading Energy consumption