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no fuel cooking again…because why not!

Hello, hello!  I’m really on a HOT topic (get it?) here and going to go with it while it lasts.  I’ve discussed this topic quite a bit recently –  solar cooking options – and last night, a new one popped up in my facebook feed.  So here you go…similar to the solar slow cooker oven, here is a solar grill!

image copied from: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scotfrank/solsource-sport-cook-anywhere-under-the-sun?utm_source=OEDdotCOM&utm_medium=Product_Page

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Solar Oven – take 2

Hello hello!  How’s everyone doing?  Man, I’ve been busy and really let this slide.  ooops!  I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled posts soon but for now I wanted to share that I saw a solar oven in person!!!  I also spoke to the owner.  Unfortunately, I was so excited to see the oven I forgot to snap a photo.  Blogger fail!  =(

This was not the one mentioned in the previous post but more of a homemade version.  Still the same concept with the reflective shield directing the sun into the “cooker” part.  It does cook similar to a crock pot and the owner had much success in cooking in it.  The one I saw was much bigger than the one you would purchase from that company I posted about last week.  This was built into an adobe base (probably about 36″ high) with the edges of sun shield above my head.  This was nice as the cooking part was countertop height and you didn’t have to bend down to get your food in and out of the “oven” part.

I’ll see if anyone else in the group took a picture to share on here.  Anyways, I do have some interesting posts coming up so stay tuned.  Since I’m on summer break I will most likely post about 3 times a week so that I can focus on getting more work done on the other days.

Grilling it.

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today’s topic is on cooking in the tiny house.  Now that I have a working stove I’m all about home cooked meals.  I belong to a CSA and receive 10 pounds of beef and pork – various cuts – once a month.  It’s a  great service because I’m not only helping out local farmers but all the meat is grass fed and organic (even though it’s not certified organic).   With all this meat, I have to cook at home as I just don’t have the freezer space to keep it.  Before I had a working stove I used a crock pot to make most of my meals.  Side note:  did you know you can bake cookies in a crock pot?!?!  Sure, it takes about 4+ hours but when you don’t have a working oven, you work with what you have.  Anyways, back to cooking in the tiny house….

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