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Picture worthy

Hello and Happy Monday!  Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was good.  I did A LOT of work/cleaning/re-arranging on my house this weekend because….I’m getting professional photos taken this week!  It’s about time that I updated the iPhone photos on here, right? =)

Your probably wondering what “re-arranging” means in a tiny house – I mean there’s only 165 sq ft so what can I possibly be doing.  Well, remember how I mentioned I have a clothes dryer but prefer to save energy and hang my clothes, which is true, I also don’t use the dryer much because it’s in the storage loft above the kitchen.  And while I can access it just fine by getting on the countertop it’s quite loud when in use and heats up the whole interior.  I originally planned for it to be in the bathroom, which would eliminate the noise and heat issue by shutting the bathroom door, but hadn’t had time to move and install it in there.  Install means hanging it on the wall as I exhaust it out an opening in the window and it plugs into a regular 110V electrical outlet.   Well, not anymore….

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