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Tiny house in Denver?

Hello and happy hump day!  So as we were exploring Denver this past weekend, we walked past a tiny house!  What?  In city limits you ask???  Yes… it was a juice bar!  I think this is becoming sort of a trend.  It’s really a fancy food truck that looks like a tiny house.  Actually, there’s one downtown where I’m currently located and used as a food truck.  Anyways, I thought this is an interesting concept.

juice bar

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Exciting news….maybe

Hello Hello!  I have some exciting news to share….I may have found a new parking spot! If things work out I wouldn’t be moving for a month or so but this parking spot is located right beside campus so I can walk or ride my bike to work and it’s an easy peasy bike ride downtown plus I’d be close to grocery stores and amenities.  Since I HATE my commute right now this is a win-win in my book and exactly what I want out of the tiny house movement.  However, there is a downside….

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Would this work???

Hey hey!  This is a short post, as A) I’m busy busy busy and B) because I just want to feedback on this.  As mentioned previously, I’m on a public forum facebook page for tiny house enthusiast.  This page is often filled with tiny house dwellers (see what I did there?) who are building their tiny house and want some feedback or questions about some construction process/issue they may be experiencing.

One of the couples is finishing their build and having some issues finding a legal (key word) parking spot to live in their tiny house full time.  They created these flyers/infographics – which they posted in a public forum so that is why I’m sharing on here – to help them find a parking spot.  This is one of their mock ups.

infographic to find parking
infographic to find parking

They have another more traditional flyer as well but I can’t find their post or the copy I saved so you’ll have to take my word on it.  I have two questions about this from you guys.  1 – would you consider allowing a tiny house to park in your backyard if you had the space?  2 – would you worry about the legality of parking a tiny house on your property? 3 – if you saw a flyer asking to park on your property, would you consider it?

I’m asking because I may do this to find a spot closer to town and minimize my commute time.  I’m trying to think of all possible ways in which to find another (legal) parking spot.  I’m open to all suggestions and ideas.  Please…. =)

In the zone (city zoning)

TGIF!  Hope you have some fun plans for this weekend!  Me, I’m going to try to catch up on some things.  As mentioned yesterday – today we’re going to talk about zoning – as in where can I legally park my tiny house.  This is an issue not just for me but for anyone in a tiny house in any location (other than the few designated and designed tiny house communities popping up across the US).

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