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Hello and TGIF!  Fun plans this weekend?  Are you doing an Easter Egg hunt?  Me, nope.  I will most likely just be relaxing this weekend.  I feel like I’ve been on the go lately and just need some time to chill and recharge.  You know what I’m saying?  I’m taking a break from the 77 reasons to GO tiny to show you my latest purchase – which some of you will laugh at because it’s really nothing big or anything but it’s making my mornings much better.  I’ve mentioned this before on here but I like my coffee in the mornings.  I like to wake up and have a hot cup of coffee ready to go (in the winter) and because of this, I have a drip coffee maker that is suppose to brew the perfect cup of coffee – on a timer so it’s ready when I get out of bed.  This is just one of those little life pleasures that I have.  This is my coffee pot.

coffee pot with timer

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