About me

Hi and welcome!  I’m Alana, a mid thirty something living in a 24′-0″ tiny house on wheels.  I designed (and had a contractor build) my tiny house as I am an NICDQ and LEED AP interior designer and assistant professor.  My background is designing and researching K-12 learning environments but I will give insight into my design decisions – and what works and doesn’t.  I’ve been planning this house for quite a few years and finally  made the leap to tiny living in January, 2016.  I’m currently located in the south central Midwest area but lived in the Pacific Northwest before relocating in August, 2015.  In my spare time I like to be active by either bicycling, running, yoga, or doing Crossfit.  As part of an active lifestyle I try to follow a Paleo/whole foods diet which requires me to cook most of my meals at home.   This blog is a platform for me to document how to live an active lifestyle in 165 sq ft.  Thanks for stopping by!