Wanted: Parking spot in town for my THOW

Hello hello!  Welcome to another week!  Did you have a fun weekend?  Well, I hope you couldn’t tell but I spent my winter break in Oregon and returned back to my tiny house this past weekend.  Everything was a-ok upon my return…other than the fact that a huge RV parked RIGHT.BESIDE.ME! Of all the places on this land that I’m renting, it parked about 15 feet from my front door.  So, whenever I look out, all I see is the backside of an RV.  Real great…

This was quite a shock as my landlord didn’t warn me or anything.  I don’t mind having neighbors, honestly, I don’t but part of living tiny is having a connection with nature and living outside as well as inside….and as of now, I can’t exactly do that. The search for another parking spot is on!  Please keep your fingers crossed that I find something soon!

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