Happy Monday of Christmas week!

Hello and welcome back!  Did you have a fabulous weekend?  Mine was good.  I have some photos to share with you all from a trip to Portland, Oregon.  Portland is a great city in that not only does it have great artwork and fun crazy things going on but also good food and drinks. It’s also a fairly progressive city with it’s zoning codes.  One of the downsides of this really super cool city is that there is a large homeless population in which some initiatives are in place to help with.

My last trip to Portland included a walk around the Pearl District.  This part of town is known for it’s artsy hip vibe with great mom & pop restaurants and breweries.  This also happens to be where the Portland Art Institute is located, which might have nothing to do with this post but I should note it because I *think* the students there designed and/or built some micro housing which was on display (not sure if that was intended as we couldn’t walk inside and no one was around) in a big lot beside their school.  There were probably about 10 tiny houses located in this lot. As there was no signage, and it was 7 am on a Saturday morning, we didn’t know why or what they were for, hence they may be from the Art Institute or they may have nothing to do with it.

Portland tiny houses

We could look into all of the houses which I will refer to as micro houses because they were small – less than 100 sq ft each – with only a bed, storage for a few personal items, and room for a hot plate or something to cook with.  I don’t think any had electric or plumbing.  The larger ones that you see in the pictures were often divided into two sides so that one person could sleep on one side and another would sleep on the other side.

2 person divided micro house – other door on other side away from camera
inside (picture taken through glass)

Another one had a folding porch for transportation.  This was the largest one on the lot at probably 100 sq ft.  It also just had a bed, storage, and a table for a hot pot or some form of food prep.

folding porch
folding porch other angle

Others were more similar to trial and error from the design school. Which makes me think there was that connection with the school.

big odd shaped tiny house with much wasted space
glorified tent
Blue front door

So to wrap up this post, this was pretty darn cool to stumble upon on a morning walk.  It also makes me excited that the tiny house movement is gaining popularity in large cities that usually have the strictest zoning codes.  It’s also exciting that these were possibly designed by the Art Institute and that they could possibly be trying to solve the homeless situation in the city.  Stayed tuned as I’ll be sure to update you with any information regarding this.

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