Happy Wednesday!  How are you all doing today?  We made it to the hump. =)

Today I’m going to talk about my heater.  If you recall, I purchased this

convection heater
convection wall heater

Envi heater in October (I think – it might have been September but either way it doesn’t matter because..) I didn’t have the chance to use it till a few weeks ago since it was still rather warm where I am located.  =(  It also doesn’t help my situation that my house gets direct sun – now that the leaves are off the trees –  and really warms up inside during the day.  However, now that it’s fall the nights are getting a bit chilly.  I think last night was down in the 30’s even though during the day it’ll get up to 65-70.  Ok, now that I’ve shared the weather patterns for where I’m located, let’s get back on topic…heaters!

This was the first electric wall heater that I installed.

convection wall heater
ceramic convection wall heater

This bad boy runs 400 watts.  You set the thermostat and it’s suppose to regulate the room temp and not get hot to touch.  I have this one installed on the bathroom wall beside the couch.

side table with convection wall heater behind
side table with convection wall heater behind

Not sure if it’s the design of this one or what’s going on but this little guy just doesn’t cut it by himself.  I was also worried because during one of the many earthquakes we’ve recently had it now has a crack horizontally in the middle.  Last week it worked fine and no issues but it still needed some help of the Envi heater pictures above.  The Envi heater is installed on the door wall beside the fridge.

In case your wondering how convection wall heaters work – here’s a little (and I mean little) illustration

ceramic wall heater demonstration
ceramic wall heater demonstration

With the crack in the ceramic heater (the one by the couch) and it just not producing much heat AND with Envi heaters extending their Cyber Monday (maybe they should call it Cyber Week as I’m still getting a ton of e-mail advertisements from companies that have extended their Monday sale..) I bit the bullet and purchased another Envi heater to replace the poor ceramic one.  If I can get it off the wall without breaking I will install it in my bike garage by the hot water heater as I don’t want the pipes around the heater to freeze in the winter.

Just in case you were curious:  the ceramic heater I originally purchased from Amazon was around $99 with a built in thermostat. The first Envi heater I got (with 10% off coupon) was around $130 from their website.  Original price is $140 and I haven’t seen it sold anywhere but their website.  Thanks to Cyber Monday extension I can now get one for 15% off and free shipping which is around $119.

My review of the two is that the Envi heater is far superior than the ceramic convection heater.

Have you ever tried two similar products like this before?

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