Things I’m loving lately…

Hello, hello!  Happy Fri-yay!!!  Do you have fun plans for this weekend?  I’ve rescheduled the plumber to come out and give a quote for the toilet on Saturday and have other things to do around the house that day then I’m running a half marathon on Sunday.  It’ll be a fun weekend and then it’s Thanksgiving week!  Woohoo!

Today is going to start a series that I’m thinking to post every Friday.  I read/follow a bunch of blogs that have a “things I’m loving Friday” post.  They give shout outs to things – big and small that they liked that week.  I’m thinking of tweaking it a bit to be about living tiny though.  So here goes week #1 of things I’m loving lately about living tiny.

Purchasing behavior: One of the things I like about living tiny is that it’s changed my purchasing behavior.  I pretty much only buy groceries each week.  I don’t have space to buy “trinkets” or cooking gadgets so I just buy the necessities.  It’s been great on the wallet – although I do splurge on groceries – and makes me conscious of what I’m bringing into my house.  I bought a new purchase for Blue (and myself really) but I’ll explain that next week.

Lemon Tree: I brought my lemon tree inside last week because that one night (and it has only been 1…ugh) it got into the 40’s.  After some struggle I got it into the storage loft above the kitchen.  I really enjoy having some greenery in the house.  I have some plants in my office that are multiplying so I’m going to transplant some to join the lemon tree in the loft.

really bad photo but lemon is now in storage loft for the winter
really bad photo but lemon is now in storage loft for the winter

Red Wine: There is something special about coming home and enjoying a glass of really good red wine.  It’s even better when your coming home to a house you want to be in!

Relaxing with some red wine
Relaxing with some red wine in the comforts of my house

I’m about to go enjoy another glass of red.  Have a good weekend friends!


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