Parking….take 2

TGIF!  Woohoo! It’s the weekend again!  Do you have fun plans?  I hope so! Me, I’m running a trail race on Sunday – which I haven’t done in quite awhile.  Race a trail run that is, not the trail running part. =)  In fact, I try to run trails about once a week as I love being in nature, it’s cooler in the shade of the trees, and I feel that it’s easier on my body than running on sidewalks.   I’m part of a running club that hosts weekly trail and road runs, which I usually participate in.  So your probably wondering why I’m telling you this while the heading for this post is about parking….let me explain.

The area that I’m located at has a fairly big lake/natural area that’s owned by the city.  This lake has 4 multi-use trails each around 7 miles with a connector trail between them.  So, in theory, one could (and some of my running friends do!!!) run/bike all 30-ish miles! Me, I’m not quite that good of a runner and usually just do 1 trail or maybe 2 at a time.  =)  From my current parking spot it takes me 30-40 minutes to drive to this lake.  Beside this lake with the established multi use trails is another lake that’s even bigger, however, this lake has very well established equestrian trails (I think there’s around 60 miles or so!) and we’re building 5-7 miles of designated mouain bike – ok i’ll call it trail bike because I do NOT live around mountains =( –  at this bigger lake but there aren’t any running trails there.  From my parking spot it take about 30 minutes to drive to this lake.

This lake is owned by the  University where I work and has a really big RV park which is mainly for annual tenants and a few spots for nightly rentals.  When I first starting looking for parking spots I contacted them to see what was open at that time and only a few spots were available – actually, I check back ever couple of months and every time there are only 2-3 spots available and I think they have around 200-300 spots! I’ve driven through the various RV spots and picked out the ones that would be nice to live in and the ones I want to avoid.  Some spots are on the water and others are right by the road.  I want one by the water.  Since these are annual spots the University allows tenants to build non permanent structures, such as decks and docks, on their rental pad.  They have an application and review process for this but it’s a really nice feature.  Anyways, the rent is most all of the spots is $180 a month plus electric.  I *think* they have free wifi here.

Long story, but I called last week and there were 2 spots left.  1 of those spots was in an area I knew I didn’t want and the other was worth checking out.  Here is what it looks like.

the actual parking spot w/ the lake in the background
the actual parking spot w/ the lake in the background & neighbor to the right’s built in dining structure.
the lake
the lake access – the water is low here but I could put my kayak in at this point
the view out the front door
the view out the front door

This is what I would see every time I walked out the door.  Not quite as nice as what I have now.  I would only be saving about $70 in rent in this location and I don’t know if it’s worth that for not quite as nice of a spot.  I would be REALLY close to trails for biking and only a 10 minute drive to running trails, however, I would still be a good 10-15 minute commute to work where I’m not 15-20 minutes.  Decisions, decisions!

What would you do?!?!

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