Tiny house research

Hello and happy Friday!  Woohoo!  Today is going to be a short post because it’s Friday and quite frankly, I’ve got a lot going on and just don’t have much time to write something today.  However, I do want to share a little bit of information about the tiny house movement.  I was recently contacted, well within the past month, by 2 (!) PhD students at different universities doing their dissertations on tiny house living!  As a researcher and tiny home owner – this is quite exciting! I’m hoping their research will bring more awareness to this type of lifestyle and perceptions will change.  My fingers are crossed that more knowledge of this lifestyle will create zoning/code changes and I will be able to live legally in city limits at some point.  A girl can dream, right? =)

One of the researchers contacted me because she found my information on the contact list from the Tiny House Jamboree.  We had a phone conversation about my purchasing behaviors since going tiny.  She’s studying, I want to say Psychology, at a University in Europe but is an American and currently living in DC to finish her dissertation.  She does not live tiny as she lives both overseas and in the US.

The other researcher is located in the Midwest and pursuing his dissertation in environmental sociology.  He’s examining quality of life and economic issues associated with living tiny.  I filled out a survey for him as well as some e-mail conversations.  In our last conversation he mentioned another PhD student at his university in the English department is also studying tiny home dwellers.  Interesting, right?!?

Both of these doc students agreed to share their findings with me so I will pass along any information I receive about their research.  Stay tuned and have a great weekend!


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