Financing…part 2

Welcome back!  Did I keep you on the end of your seat waiting till today’s post? I hope not as that wasn’t my intention.  I just wanted to share a bit more about financing a tiny house.

Tiny houses, in general, range anywhere from $5,000 – $100,000 or more – depending upon size and amenities.  The difference in price range is because an individual can build an all salvaged or recycled tiny house for as low as $5,000 with their own labor.  This route would take quite awhile and most blogs I read on this topic, it took the individuals twice, if not more, time than they originally planned.  Some other examples are here:

That reads $56,900 for a 20′-0″
What money can buy – granite countertops

$72,500 - 24'-0" tiny house
$72,500 – 24′-0″ tiny house
exterior of the $72,900
exterior of the $72,500

Some more photos of the jamboree – just because. =)

Jamboree – not sure the price on this one


IMG_2026 (1)
Tile walls & floor
Park model home – not a tiny house as it’s 399 sq ft. these range in price from $30,000-$100,000. Can get mortgage for these as they are a manufactured home.
granite countertops
granite countertops again

This was the cheapest – that I saw – displayed at the Jamboree.  It’s a toy hauler.

12'-0" toy hauler with NOTHING inside
12′-0″ toy hauler with NOTHING inside

So as you can see, there is a wide range of prices depending on size and finishes or amenities.  Now, after stating that, and knowing that I wanted a tiny house for financial and consumer freedom.  I paid around $30,000 for mine.  It was an additional $4,000 to have it hauled to my location from my builder in Salt Lake City and I probably put an additional $1,500 in added items like furniture, skirting, shelving, storage, etc.

My goal starting this whole project (years and years ago) was $15,000-$20,000.  When I had originally contacted builders and gave them my original plans (nothing like what I ended up with), my quotes came in above this so I readjusted by budget (and amenities) to something realistic.  I also went with my builder – and changed the floorplan – to hit my budget.  To me, spending as much as a traditional house with a foundation, isn’t what the tiny house lifestyle means to me.  I understand others may feel different – and there’s nothing wrong with that! A lot of my design decisions were based upon keeping my project in this price range – so yes, I realize I don’t have the most innovative, modern, or coolest tiny house out there but I’m also not paying an arm and a leg to live in one.  Are you surprised by the price of my tiny house?





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