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Happy Thursday!  I’m writing a quick update today to show you the most recent addition to my kitchen appliance family.  This bad boy is my new convection toaster oven.

new convection oven
new convection oven

If you remember, I had a little (ok, big) issue with my propane gas range.  While the stove part works great, the oven was another story and the time I tried it – the fire alarm went off and it heated up the whole house.  The fire alarm going off was really no big deal as A) I knew it worked! and B) after a little bit of annoyance I turned it off.  However, the oven heating the whole house is a problem in the summer months.  Being as energy efficient as possible I don’t want to create more heat that I then need to air condition.  This little guy helps both of those problems.  It fits nicely above the mini fridge – as shown here

side view
side view

and when I need to use it during the summer I take it outside and plug it into the exterior outlet.  This way the heat is staying outside and I don’t have to worry about the AC issue.  It does move out farther on the fridge so that if I use it inside this winter I can keep it in the same spot just moved forward and it won’t get the shelf above it hot.

I went with a convection oven for the energy efficiency of this type of toaster oven.  It has a fan inside that helps circulate the hot air around the food to cook it quicker.  I got this particular model because of the size to fit above the mini fridge and the positive ratings it received on Amazon.  So far I made paleo brownies and a paleo pizza.  It does seem to be faster than a traditional oven, however, given that I’ve only baked two items I can’t draw a definitive conclusion.  Oh, I also toasted a bagel (non-paleo) but that seemed to take the same about of time as a traditional toaster oven.

Would you have done the same thing?


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  1. I loved my convection toaster oven! My house in WV didn’t have a working oven and I lived with that as my oven for 3 years, then used it a lot during the summer months for the same “avoid heading the whole house” reason. If you ever make refrigerated come dough cookies, turn the heat down a bit and learn the time a bit. This is hugely not paleo, but they are good, and is nice to just make 2 or 3.

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