Insurance Update

Welcome back friends!  Wow, what a busy week.  Hence my lack of a post yesterday.  Oh well, I’ll get caught up this weekend and it’ll be all good.  I just wanted to touch base and let you all know of my insurance update.  I decided to go ahead and switch to the full coverage with the company I discovered at the Tiny House Jamboree even though I had to pay quite a bit more for it.  If I ever move to a location in which the state is covered, I can then get a discount but for now I am able to relocate/move/park anywhere in the US (besides West Virginia) as many times as I so desire within the year and have full coverage.   It’s a relief to know that I will now be able to get a full refund if something does happen to my house and all of my belongings.  =)

In other news, I’m also looking into lots for sale in (or closer) to town to park at for an easier commute.  I found some that are reasonably prices and reasonably sized.  I don’t want to have to mow a huge yard but I still want privacy (and a short commute – by bike if possible).  So, yes, I pretty much just want it all.   I haven’t contacted the seller or anything as it’s just a look-see right now to scope out options.  I checked out the city’s zoning map and the areas I’m looking at are zoned residential, however, the zoning requires a house of at least 1200 sq ft.  wah, wah.  If I decide to pursue this route then I would have to approach the city about changing the minimum square footage requirement. I’m not sure I want to tackle that beast… or maybe just not yet. =)  Check back tomorrow and I’ll discuss some zoning ideas that I heard about from presenters at the Tiny House Jamboree.


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