cat + patio = CATio

Hi, meet Blue.   BlueI’ve had Blue since 2005 and he’s been my little buddy since then.  He’s extremely spoiled but also extremely awesome in return. This cat has living in more apartments and houses than most as well as traveled in a car across the country several times.  He’s quite the little traveler. Blue and I


Anyways, going into this and downsizing into 165 sq ft, I really had to think about Blue and his needs as it’s not very fair to keep an inside cat in such a small area.  Hence the reason for stairs and not a ladder to the loft.  I saw/heard the term catio before and after a quick google search found some ideas.  A catio is a little screened in outside patio for cats. Gives them fresh air but keeps them safe. Blue’s not the brights cat out there and couldn’t defend himself if he got outside. Here are some ideas I found on google.

Ideas for the catio catio3 catio4

Using these ideas, I thought I could either hire a contractor/handyman to  build one for me, or possibly I could DIY one – I mean, how hard could it be?

However, after thinking it over and in the scope of being transportable I thought of using those metal customizable shelving units and zip tying them together.  shelving turned into catioEach metal mesh piece is about a 18″ x 18″ flat panel that can be tied together using those round plastic connector pieces so you can make any shape/size you want by how many panels you have.

I got a shelving kit on Amazon with a pack of zip ties for around $35.  It took about 1 hour to install and figure out the best configuration to use all the panels and give blue enough room.  Plus the catio had to encompass the cat door so Blue would have access.  Behold…the catio below.

The CATio
The CATio

IMG_1362catio on back side

Well, Blue, being the scardy cat that he is, was scared to use the cat door and actually go into the catio.  I had to gently nudge him out the door the first time.

Blue's unsure of the catio
Blue’s unsure of the catio


Blue's first time in the catio
Blue’s first time in the catio

After the initial first time out in the catio Blue has warmed up to it and LOVES it.  I hear him go in and out all night long.  At first I closed the door at night so he wouldn’t be able to go out as I was nervous about other critters but he fussed about the closed door and kept me up so now he has freedom to do as he pleases.  He even made friends with some wild turkeys that visit us every morning and a few deer that stop in occasionally.

Do you have a catio for your cat?

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