Composting to extreme!

Hello friends!  I have a really exciting “invention” that I want to share with you all today.  I’m fascinated by composting.  The whole process just intrigues me. I mean, you put a whole bowl full of organic food waste into a compost bin and a few weeks later, there’s nothing but dirt! I just find that amazing..anyone else?

Anyway, I found a crazy suped up composter on Kickstarter.  This thing looks kinda ridiculous and it’s not on the market yet but when it does become available….it’s gonna be a game changer. Check this puppy out!

Check out the HomeBiogas 2.0 on this link.

image directly off the Kickstarter page

It does look ridiculous right?  But you put in your food scraps and you get fuel to cook on!  How amazing – and totally off grid – is that!  They advertise on the Kickstarter page that it’s better than compost because all you can do with compost is use it as a fertilizer where this gives back cooking fuel.

So I almost – I was so so close – to backing this product because I really want to try it.  If you aren’t familiar with kickstarter, it’s a webpage that start up companies pitch their ideas, products, items, whatevers and the public can fund them, if it’s a good idea/item/product/etc.  By backing the “thing”, in return you get the item when it’s produced – before it hits the market.  In essence, your providing funds for this start up company to produce it’s “thing”.  It’s a pretty cool idea if you ask me.  I just “purchased” a toothbrush – I say “purchased” because I funded the production and don’t actually get the toothbrush until January or something but it’s a self powering toothbrush that uses zero – that’s right zero – electric and it has….COMPOSTABLE…toothbrush brush part.  Anyways, I’ll let you know when I get that.

Back to the HomeBiogas 2.0.  It comes as the Kickstarter price of $500 AND needs to be in temperatures above 68 degree.  While that wouldn’t be a problem 10 months out of the year we do get under 68 degrees for a bit.  It states that you can put a heater in it to continue the compost process but that seems like a bit of work for me at this point given that I have a hard time posting on this little blog regularly, I doubt making sure that my compost bin has a heater will also fall to the way-side. =)

Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think!

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