Handy Heater

Hello and welcome back!  Hope your week is going well.  Mine is flying right by.

This past weekend I was out running errands and ran into TjMaxx to check out what they had.  I wasn’t searching for anything but just like to go there to kill time if I am in town and need to kill 30 minutes or so.  Anyways, I’m just snooping around in their clearance area and stumbled upon a Handy Heater for $15.  What’s a Handy Heater you ask?  Oh just a portable little plug in heater. and when I say little…I mean little.

Plug in heater


I saw these advertised somewhere last year and was really curious if they worked or not because it really would be ideal in a tiny house – ie, my bathroom that currently doesn’t have a heater. So when I saw this marked down I had to try it out.  I haven’t actually tried it out yet because it’s still in the freaking 80’s and my air conditioner is still on, but whenever it cools down a bit I am excited to see if this little guy works.

my hand for comparison

So this little heater says it’s 350 watts of heat that just plugs right into an electric outlet.  The plug on the back swings so you can turn the heater if you need to since it’s going on a wall.

plug turns

My thought was that if this works, it would be nice in my bathroom for those days when it’s chilly and you want to heat the space before hopping in the shower – you know what I’m talking about – but I also thought this might work in my bike garage for keeping my hot water heater from freezing.  While it’s small and compact, I can direct the heat to the hot water heater and not waste heating the rest of the (uninsulated) garage.  I would still put it on the temperature control outlet that would turn it on when it got to 40 degrees.

This little guy also has a timer, which I thought would turn on at like 5:00 AM every day and warm up my bathroom but it’s a timer that counts down after it’s already on (bummer!) and an automatic shut off if it overheats.  I’ll let you know when I try it out…let’s hope that’s soon because I’m REALLY sick of sweating every time I walk outside. =(

So has anyone tried this out???  Does it work or was it a gimmick?

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