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Hello friends!  How are you?  Did you have a great weekend?  Was it relaxing or did you get a bunch of work done.  Me, I was busy busy busy.  One of my tasks was putting together my front porch!  That’s right, my porch arrived last Wednesday to the FedEx hub in “the city” about 1.5 hours away.  Since the hub is only open (to the public) on Monday through Fridays I had to arrange to get the porch before the weekend because I actually had time to put it up during the weekend.

My plan: I got out of work a little early Friday and drove to The City to get my package and would make it a night out – or meaning I would go to Target and Whole Foods since we don’t have either of those in the town I’m currently living in.  Yes, I do realize how lame that makes me sound but roll with it.  When you live without amenities like this you realize how important such things are and get excited when you get a chance to visit them. =)

Anyways, back to Friday night….

a porch in a car
my car is loaded down

Luckily everything fit in and I made it back home safely.   The guy at the FedEx hub helped me get the items into the car so I was a little nervous if I could get them out by myself.  The website where I purchased them from said they weighted around 54 lbs. each.  Other than the bases being so big, they were not heavy at all and I had no trouble getting things out and put up!

base #1
All the pieces

I *think* it took around 2 hours to build the porch and the worst part was getting the freaking plastic wrap off of all the pieces!!! ARG!  Plastic wrap should be banned.  not only is it a pain in the butt but it’s also not sustainable!

Stinking plastic wrap! ARG!

Anyways,  I started by putting the legs onto the base, which creates a table (upside down in the photo below). The legs have adjustable feet that will go about 5 inches.  Not sure how sturdy they would be in actually pulled out the 5″ though.

legs on

bases flipped over and in place

The feet are about 3″ square metal pieces, which I feel will sink into the ground if we get a good rain so I put bricks under each foot/leg.  Next up was the railings.


There were pegs in the bottom of each piece of railing that slid into the matching hole in the deck.  Each of the railing piece gets bolted to the next so they are stable once they are installed.


So all in all, it took 2 hours and I now have a safe entry into my house.  My landlord came over while I was putting in the railings and commented on how quickly I put it together.  It really was quite easy and not heavy at all.  The only downside is that even though this was suppose to be powder coated black paint finish it scrapes REALLY (I’m not exaggerating!) easy.


I was careful with it and it’s all scraped up.  I’m kinda bummed out about it because for the amount that I paid, it shouldn’t wear that easily, especially because it’s built to be outside in the elements.  I’m going to contact the manufacturer to see if there is something I can do about it.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with it and it is easy to put together.  I am going to see how I like it in this layout for awhile because I might re-arrange it to come out farther from the house.  We’ll see how this goes first though.

What do you think?!

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