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Hello…elloooo….elloooo….(that was to mimic my voice echoing in a canyon since I’ve been a absent the past few days) but I’m back and at ’em now. =)  Hope you all are doing well.  Obviously, I’ve been a bit busy lately..but still enjoying my new front porch.  And no, I haven’t re-arranged it or anything.  It’s still in the original set up (and probably will be for a bit)

So I found an interesting article on – it’s a website on how to live more mindful and organically.  Some of the articles are pretty loopy but some are interesting.  Check it out if you are into that sort of thing.  Anyways, one day a few weeks ago, this article was posted about tiny houses on Air B&B.  This would be a great way to check out the tiny lifestyle (although the design might not fit your lifestyle and it might actually be a bad representation) but it would give you an idea of the size and possibilities.

As they are listed on Air B&B, which is a website that house owners rent out their home or room when they won’t be there – or somethings they are there and your just a “roomate” for a weekend or whatever, the prices don’t seem that bad given the locations.  However, you don’t really get to see the location on Air B&B until you make a reservation so I’m curious to know if these are within city limits or  a drive away from where you want to be.

Let’s take the one in Dallas, TX.  Dallas is a big city with lots of conferences and things to do downtown so I would think Air B&B would do fairly well in a downtown location that is close to conference centers or meeting locations.  A tiny house (the shipping container house on that website) wouldn’t, by zoning, be able to be placed in city limits – unless there is something about Dallas zoning that I don’t know about – so this would then have to be quite a long commute from downtown conference centers and activities which would negate the benefit of the air B&B situation.

What I’m trying to say is that even though this would be a fantastic opportunity to try a tiny house you need to take it with a grain of salt because the design might not match your lifestyle (and successful tiny house designs need to be customized to your living style/situation) and the location might not be the greatest – specially if your visiting a town for other reasons than to try out a tiny house.

So what are you opinions?  would you try out an Air B&B tiny house?

*footnote: Air B&B has THE BEST customer service!  I had 2 situations with 2 different rental units last weekend.  I called Air B&B and they handled the situation well and found a solution – which involved them covering my hotel stay.  Just saying, check them out if you haven’t already. And no, I’m not getting any sort of feedback for mentioning them.

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