Hello, hello!  How’s everyone doing today?  I hope your great!  I’m doing well and finally feeling caught up with things…at least for the moment. =)

So last week we were getting some fall weather.  It was glorious! Temperatures were in the 70’s and cool at night.  It was GREAT!!!  (*seriously, I hate being hot and sweating!) I was so hopeful that the amazing weather would stick around I decided to order some little redworms to help my compost pile!  These little guys are a huge help in breaking down the compost fast but they are also a little picky with temperatures – as they can get a over heated or freeze if it’s cold.

I think I jumped the gun and purchased my little friends a bit early because the temps went back up into the 100’s right after I received my little guys in the mail.


However, I’m going to see how they do.  The main reason I got them is because I read another blog that uses worms in their composting toilet which reduces the number of times they have to empty it.  That’s brilliant!  I couldn’t have done that with my old toilet because it had a hot plate that evaporated the liquids and well, it would fry a little worm, however, my new toilet has the perfect set up.  In fact, the blog I got the idea from uses the exact same one I have.  So I ordered and received my new little friends in the mail to do part of the work for me. =)

WORMS by mail

I’ve had success with Uncle Jim’s worms in the past so I went with what I knew.  You can purchase on Amazon but have to pay for shipping.  I’m sure you can purchase from their website too but I just did Amazon because it was easy – and I got some other stuff too. =) Anyways, I bought 200 little guys and forgot to snap a picture of the actual worms!!!

But they come in that green bag with some peat moss.  According to the directions, you add 1/2 cup water directly upon getting them and then place them where they need to go.


I placed half of the little guys in my toilet and half of the guys went outside into my home made composter.

homemade composter – worms in the grey one

I know they are alive after I placed them in the bin because when I went to check on the little guys the next day they had burrowed down into the compost.  So, here’s to keeping these ones alive!!!

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