Detroit has it going on!

Hello Hello!  How’s everyone doing today?  Me, I’m good other than being so ready for fall and the cooler temperatures that come with it but will wait out another month or so before that happens.  ARG!  Anyways, I found another great article about how tiny homes are doing good for the homeless and low income population in Detroit.  You can read the article here. or click below to read my comments on it. =)

You could have read the article above but if you want a video tour, click here.  While these homes are around 300 square feet and built on a permanent foundation they would still be considered tiny homes. The “official” definition (depending on which governing body definition you want to follow) of tiny home is a residential dwelling under 400 square feet so these meet that definition.

These homes are all built in a community to have shared areas and each will come in at around $48,000.  Could be better but not bad by any means for a house that has efficient utilities.  The article states that the heating bill – and Detroit gets some pretty nasty winters – is estimated to be around $35 a month.  That’s something I can stand behind!

They plan for 25 houses originally but I’m sure that will change as the phrase goes, “the best laid plans go to waste”  or something like that, right?  Anyways, this is a great idea – at least to me – and I think more cities should look into this for the housing crisis that we have going on across the nation.  And unfortunately, I think it’s going to get worse as time goes on with the current natural disasters that have recently hit us.

Oh and one last little thing (because I talked about it last week!) is that the article mentioned if tiny houses are a fad…the answer = “ask back in 5 years”.  What a GREAT response.  I’m going to use that from now on. =)

So what do you think of these tiny houses?



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