Hello friends!  How are you all doing?  Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was pretty good.   There was a “mountain” bike race in my town that I volunteered at.  I use the term “mountain” loosely because I’m no where near mountains so it’s more like riding your bike on trails in the woods. Guess I gotta take what I can, right?

Anyways, the reason I’m discussing this is because the race was held around the lake with an RV park that I was thinking of parking at.  You can read all about that parking spot here.

the actual parking spot w/ the lake in the background

The bike race was held on Sunday but they had it open to pre-ride the course and hang out on Saturday.  I went both days..and all I can say is thank goodness I did not take that parking spot!  The commute was comparable to what I had to do in my old parking spot and there would have been no way I could bike commute – although mountain biking would be easier than it is now.  Guess that’s a trade off I’m willing to exchange for. =) In my current parking spot (which I’m so glad I found!!!), it takes me anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes to drive to town/work.  If I lived at this lake, it would easily be a 20 minute drive to town/work/etc.   So in hind-sight I am so so so fortunate to have this parking spot!

In other good news..I also got tiny house insurance!  Remember this from last week.  Or one of my original posts about insurance? Well, the company who I was insured with for the past year came out with a new policy (you know, the same company that cancelled my previous one???) which is basically the same exact thing except this one comes with satellite theft protection! What is that you ask…well, I get this little device to set up inside my house, which I think takes batteries and in the case that the house was ever stole (this means the whole house was hooked up to someone’s truck and pulled away – unknown to me) I/the insurance company could track it down with this little homing device.  I had the option of selecting this service or not but it was only $125 more per year vs. not having this service.  As I spend a fair amount of time away from my house and even have a lock on the hitch…

trailer hitch lock

This seemed like a small amount to pay for peace of mind while away.  So even with this additional service the yearly price was about $50 more than my previous policy.   Whew, I’m not ready for anything…ok maybe not anything but feeling better about if something did happen.

Alright friends, hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping in!

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