Solar RV…the next big thing

Hello, hello!  Welcome back!  How is your week going?  Mine is flying by!  With Monday off for Labor day this week is just a whirl wind.

I saw an interesting post on facebook the other day… what do you think of this

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While I know this is a tiny house blog, to some an RV counts as a tiny house so today we’re talking RV’s.  Yes, that’s right (as well as the name of this post) that’s a solar powered RV! I think it’s kind of hideous but those black solar panels really do their thing. According to this website this is an electric RV!  It doesn’t need (or take) fuel.  The solar panels are a necessity to get this baby on a road trip longer than 100 miles before it would have to be recharged.

I wish it had interior photos of this because it stated that it’s “sleek” but I’m curious to see what it’s actually like inside….

If price wasn’t an issue, as I imagine this has a hefty price tag, would you drive/buy this RV?  What do you think?


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