I’m getting a porch!

Hello everyone!  How are you today?  Hope your all doing great!  As the title of this post announced, I made a big tiny house purchase.  =)  I’m getting a front porch!  (No, that is not my tiny house in the picture below but that is kinda sorta but not really what my porch will look like)

Photo credit: http://www.hofmannccr.com/

After talking with both porch companies (read here for a refresher) I went with the black metal option, which I think is the 2nd one.  I re-read that post and think I referred to them at some point in the wrong order – oops!

After your comments (thank you by the way!!!) I decided on the black metal decking because it would be safer and not as glare-y – yes, I’m making that word up.  Plus, even with shipping it was cheaper.  The owner suggested that if I didn’t like the black metal decking (it might get too hot in the sun) I can install SwissTrax on top of it.

Sideways picture of 1 tile – it was the only one I could get off their website

What’s SwissTrax you ask?  well, it’s a molded plastic – or some kind of material – that is also perforated to allow rain/dirt/debris to fall through but comes in different colors and designs.  It’s durable so it’ll hold up in all weather conditions.  I’m holding off on that right now but if I see the need for it, I’ll look into it or something similar in the future.

Back to my new front porch…I got two (2) 40″ x 60″ decking with a set of stairs and adjustable legs as per the manufacturers recommendation.  I plan to install it in this pattern “Q” below.

Layout Q (lower left picture)

Going this layout allows me room to place a chair and possibly a potted plan on the patio beside the door.  I think it’ll look balanced once it’s installed – or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. =)  ***however, if I don’t like it, the owner said it would be easy to switch around and create those other layouts***

This isn’t a custom option but due to it being quite a pricey item they don’t make them until they receive the order/payment.  I wrapped this up yesterday (Monday) and it’ll take them 4 weeks to get it done then ship it.  They gave me a September 26th deadline for manufacturing then it’ll get FedEx’d to me.  I was worried that shipping would be outrageous for something so big but it was only $215 delivered to the FedEx location.  To get it delivered to my house it would be around $365…I’ll let you guys guess which one I went with. =)

Stay tuned for more information as I get the porch and install it.

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    1. We’re on the same page! But, it’s an hour drive 1 way so 2 hours total but I can also get some good grocery shopping in. =)

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