Hello!!!  Week 1 is done!  In the books…only 15 more to go. ha! No, I’m not really counting down but it is kinda cool when you get to cross 1 week out of 15 off of the books. =)

Anyways, today is a short one because I have no updates for you all.  I tried to get a quote on the third porch this week and the guy is out at RV shows all week.  He said he would get it to me “soon”.  I thought “soon” would be by today but no such luck.

I guess I do have some new information to share…. remember how last year I had the big issue with finding insurance.  well, I’m kinda sorta in that boat again but not really.

So the insurance company called me last week and said the issuer (Lloyds of London) stopped carrying Tiny House policies…or maybe it was just in the state where I’m located.  And they didn’t give a reason!  Whatever it is, I can’t go that route anymore and as of next month I won’t have insurance anymore.  However, the insurance guy gave me another quote from another company as an “inland marine” policy.  Yeah, sounds like I’m living in a stranded boat! Anyways, the policy is double what I paid last year for not so great coverage.  For double the cost I get fire and theft insurance.  That’s it.  No other options.  I asked what I can do to get a lower rate because I don’t want to pay more for less…know what I’m saying?!  I’m waiting back on another quote but I may be in the market soon…. WHY is insuring such an issue???  That’s probably one of the things (along with finding parking) that I wasn’t expecting when I went tiny.  I mean, you get bombarded by advertisements for car insurance,  health care, and life insurance, etc.  Someone needs to comes up with a policy, I bet a lot of people will get it because I am not the only one with this problem!

Anyways, I’m sure I’ll have more on this later but right now I’m just playing the waiting game…on the porch and on insurance.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Check with some independent insurance agents ( agents that sell insurance with several companies) they may be of some help.

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