Fixing the skirt…

Hello!  Happy hump day!  How’s the middle of the week treating you?  Me, good! Things are rolling right along… =)

Ok, today I’m sharing an update on my skirt issue….it fell off! I’m talking about the skirt on my house folks, not MY skirt. hahaha!


You can read about it here to jog your memory.

Now that we’re all on track, let me tell you how I fixed it!  I looked at several different options at Lowe’s.  Unfortunately, they only had grommets and these guys

 … here’s the other part.

I tried to find this guy  but the guys at Lowe’s thought I was crazy and either they don’t carry it or the guys were confused.  Possibly both – but I have one on my wallet so I showed them an example even! I wasn’t sold on grommets because 1) they only had large ones – like 1/2″ openings which would like weird if I was going to use a skrew on the house to hold it up. and 2) installing a grommet in this skirting will be VERY difficult because I can’t remove the velcro since it’s sewn in.  That means I’d put a grommet through vinyl AND velcro.  No thanks! and 3) the grommets were some gold metal cheap-o looking things that wouldn’t hold up in the weather at all.

Anyways, after spending WAY too long at Lowe’s pondering how this would all work and what to do, I stumbled upon a staple gun and staples!

Staple gun; $20. Staples; $2. Done!

WHAT? This never even crossed my mind before because I was always looking for something that can be removable.  I WAS thinking of just drilling a hole and using a skrew with a washer but I’m not really too big on that one because I don’t think it would look too good or hold up well.  Anyways, I’m looking at the staplers and see a little tool to remove staples….it’s a glorified skrewdriver really, but it got me thinking, “staples would work to hold up the skirting while I’m parked right now and when I move, I’ll just take out the staples and RE-staple in the new location!”  I think a light bulb went on above my head at that moment because it truly was a solution that I think will work quite well.  The staples create a minimal hole in both the skirt and the house plus won’t melt like adhesive in the hot hot sun.

With my newest house purchase (the above pictured staple gun) I got to work and what do you know, the skirting looks so good now.

staples the edge on the bottom right of photo – still haven’t done wheel well yet
closer look at the back end that I had to fix
look how smooth the skirting is vertically up from the brick!


It works really well because I can tuck the skirting in where the change in height occurs around the wheel well and make a really clean seam between the pieces of skirting that join together there.  Before it was buckling out so there was a gap vertically in the seam between pieces.  This always drove me crazy because no matter what I did, I could NOT get rid of the gap, thus, air/wind/rain/critters/you name it could all get in and I had to place a brick or something else to cover the gap.  Now, with the ability to fold the skirting and create a smooth surface there is NO MORE GAP!  I actually liked it so much better that I did the same thing on the front of the house too. Well, just on the ends where there was a huge gap.  =)

staples up close

So, long term, yes I realize the staples may rust or what not but for right now it solves the problem and I don’t have big holes where a skrew or grommet may have gone into the skirting.  Plus, by the time it rusts, I may be relocated and have to replace them anyways.

So, what do you think?  How long do you think the staples will work before they rust and I have to come up with another solution?

5 thoughts on “Fixing the skirt…

  1. The staples will not rust for a long time, shouldn’t have to worry about having to replace them. Good idea, looks good.

  2. Hey! My husband and I are just preparing for our first winter in our tiny house and are researching skirting options. We live in the prairies in Canada so we get some pretty brutal temperatures sometimes… Love the look and simplicity of your skirting – and that it doesn’t seem so permanent in case of moving and differently levelled ground… How has your skirting held up for you in winter? 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment! It did really well last winter but I don’t think the temperatures get as low as what yours will in Canada. I recycled foam packaging boards and placed on the inside of this to give it a bit more insulation. I also put a little space heater under the house with the thermometer that would turn on if it got below 40 degrees. This kept my sewer and plumbing lines from freezing. I’ve heard horror stories of busted pipes. If you want details of the skirt, check out this post

  3. Staples are available in stainless steel and monel, which won’t rust. The fastener on your wallet is a DOT Twistlock. (DOT is the brand name.) They might be the Cadillac option, but they’re around $1 apiece, so enough for your entire skirt might get a little pricey.

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