Hello, hello!  Happy Monday AND first day of class!  While I really (and I mean REALLY) enjoy my summers I am looking forward to being back into a schedule and a routine.  Ok, give me a month of it then I’ll want my summer break back but for now it’s a good thing.  I’m more productive when I have a schedule filled with meetings and things to juggle.  Is that just me?

Anyways, no update on the front porch because neither company has returned my calls for a quote. So, while I wait on what to do with the porch, I installed some shelving that I have been meaning to get to BEFORE I left for summer but never got around to it.  The shelves were literally leaning up again the wall just waiting to be installed soooo I now have more kitchen shelving!

empty wall

Not anymore!  I found some 4″ deep white shelves at Target awhile ago and thought they would go nicely on this blank wall to store my glasses and random bottles that don’t fit anywhere else.

First one

With stuff on it.  I wanted to install this guy first and then see if I wanted to place the other one under it.

wall with stuff on it

I think the other one would help even it out…


The wine bottles are just staying there temporarily.  Well, I mean, I will drink them but I’m going to get a wine rack and they will go in the wine rack but in the meantime they are here, which beats having them sit on my counter. =)

Hope you have a great Monday! Hopefully I’ll be able to reach the porch companies and get some info!

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