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hello and TGIF!  Woohoo it’s the weekend – well almost, right?! =)

Ok, I left off on Wednesday discussing my front deck/porch options and THINK I’m going with the larger one since I can put a chair up there.  I might actually sit in the chair then. ha!  I currently don’t because, 1 – it’s HOT and I sweat just sitting there and 2 – it just wasn’t nice to sit outside.  Perhaps now in my new location it would be nice to sit outside…..*insert daydreaming look*

Anyways, I’m looking at two difference companies.  I found three but don’t like the look of the one right from the get-go so it’s getting the boot.  Click below to view the photo:

This one manufacturer just looks too mobile.  If that’s even the right way to say it.  I want something that will be pretty permanent but still have the option to move when I need to where this looks like it could move every weekend.  I automatically gave it the boot.  The stairs are on an accordion.  =)

The second one I found is the middle of the road in pricing (the one above being the cheapest).  I like it because it appears to be more permanent and you can add two decks together to create the size you want.  Decks come in 40″ x 40″ and 40″ x 60″. I would most likely get two 40″ x 60″ and link together.  This also has the option to add adjustable legs, which I think is a necessity since I don’t know what my next parking spot will be like AND I’m on a slight hill and need to make the deck even.

I would not get the wood handrail and instead just get black metal to match my house.  This one is the 40″ x 40″ deck with the stairs.  This one, without shipping, would be roughly (if I did the math correctly) $1,770.  Which sounds a bit high until you hear about my third and final option – which is the one I like most.

And finally, meet the one I like,

The most expensive of all three but also the most stylish.  I really like the metal deck option so it wouldn’t get so hot in the sun AND I like the railing on this one. It also has the adjustable legs, however, for the size I want it comes in at a whopping……..$3,250 – which has free shipping.

Ok, so here comes my amazing math skills….there is a $1,479 difference between the two – just for style although I don’t know what shipping would be for option #2.  Is it worth it to have a porch with style?  Although the all black (second option) would blend into the skirting better….decisions, decisions! What would you do???


3 thoughts on “Patio style….

  1. I think I’d go with the second option. I’ve sat on porches made of metal before, and the glare back from the sun is fierce. How would a 100″ option work (a 40″ and 60″ together)?

    1. Good to know! I’m leaning towards the cheaper one but the company isn’t getting back to me with a quote. There is less than $100 between the 120″ option and the 100″ option so I might as well go bigger. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. I think that your third option with solid metal deck would get very hot in the sun. All the metal I have been around gets very hot when it’s exposed to the sun. Also slippery when wet & temps get below freezing. I like the second deck.

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