Hello everyone!  Happy humpty-dumpty day!   How’s your week going to far?  Me, I’m back into the swing of things….it’s a busy busy time of the year when classes start back up and all the students move back to campus.  There’s a lot of planning and prepping that get done in this last week before class.  I can now say, “summer is officially over”.  It absolutely flew by!  It sure was a fun one though. =)

I know I mentioned something about a front porch/deck quite awhile ago and never really followed through with the end of the blog post….anyone recall that?  Let’s hope not because I hate to leave things unfinished but I think it slipped my mind to finish the post then I traveled (did I mentioned that I had the amazing opportunity to teach a two week class in Taos, New Mexico???  It’s a really fun place if you get the chance to visit.) Anyways, today I’m going to discuss my next big purchase – a front porch with stairs that are actually code compliant.  The stairs I have now are those metal pull out RV stairs and definitely not code compliant.


these are, of course,attached to the house!

These stairs would probably be code compliant if they were attached to a regular RV but where my house sits on a trailer, the distance from the door threshhold to the bottom of the trailer, where these stairs connect, is quite large.  This means that the first step into or out of my house is probably a good 15″ change.  For reference code compliant stairs are  7″ high (between the top of each stair) and the tread (part your foot goes onto) is 11″ wide.  These are what we’re used to in the US.  I also don’t have a hand railing so it’s sometimes a bit tricky to get in and out, while trying to turn around and lock the house, etc.

Instead of just getting a set of stairs with railings  (see pic below)Image result for rv pull out stairsI’m thinking of getting a deck or porch as well like this pic below.

3 step RV porch and deck system

I like the idea of a porch because it makes an entrance and I can then put a little awning over the front door and it’s just not as awkward to get in and out and lock the door behind.  Here is my dilemma though….what size do I get?

I’m looking at two manufacturers that have a HUGE difference in price & a little in style.  The one I like is, of course, the more expensive one.  Both can come in the standard base size of around 45″ x 45″ deck up to 40″ or 45″ deep by 120″ wide.  There are some options between those dimensions too but I won’t go into details.  I like the wide or longer one because I can then put a potted plan under the mailbox ON the patio.  It would just feel more “home-like”.

Only front pic with mailbox. =(

the mailbox is directly centered under the exterior light.  Here is a more straight on pictures without the mailbox.  Unfortunately i don’t have a front picture with the mailbox.

front of house

If I go with the standard size deck it will have about 4″ on each size of the door.  So it doesn’t give any really welcoming feel and I’m afraid it would make the mailbox and exterior light appear off balance since it wouldn’t line up.   The only size that really leaves a little bit of room for a potted plant and possibly one of my red Adirondack chairs  is the large 120″ wide deck.  This give about 12″ on the right side of the door and enough overlap on the left side to balance out the front so I’m leaning towards that size.  Below is a graphc presentation of the size options of the deck only.  The stairs would go to the right (or towards the grill), however, I have options with where the stairs go but I think the side the best.  The pictures represent 45″wide, 89″wide, and the 120″ wide – in that order of picture.

Example of sizes…this was done in 5 minutes so please excuse the messi-ness


After seeing the graphic representation, I now think the middle one would fit the scale of the house.  it’s the 89″ wide one.  This allows for a potted plant and awning like below.

89″ with awning


120 moved over to add chair & awning (use your imagination that the red chair is ON the porch)

Ok, help me decide what size.  Do you think the 89″ would match the size of the house?  The stairs would then go either directly in front of the door or down to the right side that the grill is on.  That’s my preferred side because I also park that way and feel that the stairs would protrude too far out in front of the house if it was straight from the door.   Thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Bring it! =)

I’ll explain the style and other options on Friday since this is getting to be a long post already. =)

4 thoughts on “Patio!

  1. The 89″ looks good centered in front of the door, the 120″ looks good moved over so you can put your chair on your porch. I think having the chair on the porch would be very nice, steps on the right would look good, does it make any difference as far as convince is concerned?

    1. Nope, the stairs are movable so if I don’t like it on the right I can move it to another spot. Neither company has returned my calls for quotes. =(

  2. I like the idea of having a place elevated to sit. You may also be able to put the grill up there if you want. How is the portability? Will the 120″ pack easily in the house for home moves? 10 feet is tough, so hopefully it breaks in half.

    1. All of these options can dis-assemble for easy transportation. They kind of set up sort of like one of those table tents – like an accordion. The directions say you just pull apart the base and then put the deck on top and attach the stairs. Both companies also have storage bags or other devices to make transport easy. I can’t remember what the overall weight is but I remember thinking it was possible I could lift and set this up on my own….although, stay tuned because I’m sure in real life it’ll be harder. =)

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