Tiny House Trend

Hello friends!  TGIF!  It’s FRIDAY! woohoo!  Do you have a fun weekend planned?  I hope so!

Today I’m going to share another article I read about tiny houses just being another fad or trend or will they actually be around for awhile?  Those of you that know me personally know how trendy I am. =)  (that was sarcasm for those that don’t know me).  Anyway, bad jokes aside, read here and see for yourself.

One of the interesting points that the article claims is that the rest of the world lives tiny.  This is copied directly from their website to compare house sizes,

  • In the UK, the average house is just 915 square feet
  • France’s average house size is 947 square feet
  • The average abode in Finland is just 828 square feet
  • Greece’s average homestead is 861 square feet
  • The average living space in Hong Kong is just 484 square feet
  • Russia’s average abode is 614 square feet (copied from here)

These are compared to the US national average, which I believe is around 1,900 sq ft.  I didn’t look that figure up so don’t quote me on that but I have a feeling that’s about the national average.  As a national average that means some are below (like me!) and some are way over.  In fact, we are a nation of HUGE-ness (yup, I just made up that word) and a nation of debt to fill the huge houses that we live in.   Personally, I’m glad that I’m the below average statistic on this topic. =)

Ok, back to the article.  Given that the rest of the world lives tiny as their norm and the US is accustomed to living large, do you think tiny houses are a trend in the US and will fade away after a few more years or do you think tiny living is here to stay?

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