Tiny House Hotels

Hello!!!  Happy happy hump day!  How’s your week going so far?  I hope it’s going good!  So I mentioned the other day (it was actually last Friday) about the Pacific Northwest being amazing because they embrace tiny house and alternative living situations.  Well, this statement is still true BUT I want to add some other locations to that list BECAUSE I was on Tumbleweed Tiny House company’s website and found other locations all throughout the US that have tiny house communities set up as hotels….

Tumbleweed Tiny House company is one of the largest tiny house builders in the nation.  They were one of the first to develop and are still going strong and growing.  They offer full built out tiny houses to frames to just consulting options.  They are the most comprehensive resource for tiny house enthusiast.  They also offer workshops throughout the country.

The company is RVIA certified which means that if you purchase a pre-built tiny house from them and it is automatically classified as an RV.  This means you can get RV insurance, park in RV parking lots, get an RV loan, etc. This is really appealing BUT they only have a few options for the exterior (which I can’t say anything because my builder only had a few options too) and while you can customize the interior it’s pretty much the same 5 or 8 floorplans within each tiny house.  They are also known for their high price tags.  As this is a full RV certified trailer your paying for their name as well.

However, if you explore their website you will see that they are a full service shop.  They also now have tiny house loans, which since they are RV certified means that it’s an RV loan. Anyways, I’ve gotten really off topic talking about this company when I wanted to share that they have little villages set up throughout the US – refer to the map above for locations – in which are set up as a little motel community.  This allows some folks to try out the tiny house lifestyle without committing to purchasing.  It’s a great idea but also shows that those other locations have embraced tiny houses!


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