Beloved Community – tiny house village

Hello!!!  Happy Monday friends!  Did you all have a great weekend?!  Mine was pretty low key which means it was good.

So today I wanted to share an article that popped up in my facebook feed about a tiny house community built around Denver, Colorado specifically for the homeless!

The article can be found here but it discusses a planned (and legal due to a 180 day zoning permit) tiny house community built for the homeless in and around Denver.  If you look at the website and pictures you will see these are tiny houses built on cinder blocks.  There is a central bathhouse which solves the issues of each unit needing plumbing and reducing the building cost substantially (this wasn’t in the article but know that from personal experience).

This community has a temporary zoning permit to see how this community does with noise, lighting, parking, – typical neighborhood issues.  After the permit expires this community will need to be relocated but it is quite a neat idea for other communities/cities (think Portland, Oregon which has a huge homeless population) to learn from and adopt.  I sure hope this community is successful not just for the tiny house community but also as a way to help the homeless.

What do you think?

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