Tiny house class

TGIF!  Woohoo!  Fun plans for the weekend???  Me, I’m just trying to stay cool.  Is anyone else ready for Fall?  Anyways, as you all know – or if you are just stopping in – I LOVE the Pacific Northwest.  Not only is this part of the country absolutely beautiful because of the AMAZING (most of the time) weather but it has so many fun outdoor activities that you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon then stop by a locally sourced and organic brewery that also composts and recycles as a practice.   Win, Win, Win in my books!  I was fortunate to live in the area for 3 years and have many friends still located there so I get the opportunity to visit/stay quite often.  What does that have to do with tiny houses???  Well….

This part of the country is really in tune with sustainability – in ALL aspects of the word. The culture believes in simple living that doesn’t require a ton of energy to heat or cool a HUGE 4,000 square foot house.  It could be due to the climate but not many houses or businesses have air conditioning.  Every place has a compost bin (yay!) and businesses use compostable food containers or wrappers whenever possible.  Another thing is that recycling is just a part of every day life.  In fact, the recycle bin is bigger than the trash bin.  It’s not unusual for everyone to bring their own plate settings to picnics or potlucks to keep waste as a minimum.  To me, it’s pretty awesome!

Another thing that’s great about the PNW is that certain cities or areas actually support and HAVE tiny house communities!  WHAT?  Yup, that’s right.  With all of the legal and zoning issues with tiny houses this part of the country has embraced it.  There are tiny house villages that serve as a hotel or air B&B by Mt. Hood and there’s planned communities that have plots of land for tiny house owners to buy located near Eugene, Oregon.  In fact, this summer, I’ve seen 2 tiny houses WITHIN city limits in Eugene!  (This is the city that University of Oregon is located, you know, the Ducks).  While visiting Eugene, I picked up a local city guide on classes/workshops offered to the local community.

I flip it open to see if anything is offered while I’m visiting and what do you know but…there is a TINY HOUSE workshop!

So I kind of missed the date and actually don’t need a workshop now that I’m living in my tiny house but it’s exciting to see this offered as a community class.  And not many other places in the country offer this (or these types of classes).  The other classes were on topics such as permaculture, composting, and off-grid solar among other such classes.  The instructor for the tiny house class has traveled all over the world living in small dwellings from a 80 sq ft tiny house to a 20 ft yurt.  His focus is on building with natural building materials and products and he’s spent time as a furniture maker in Seattle.  So I think he’s qualified to teach this class and bring awareness to living simply.

Would you take a community class like this one?

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