Porch Sitting

Hello and happy Monday!  Did you have a great weekend?!  Are you off for the 4th of July? What are your plans?  I’m excited to see some fireworks. =)

So today, I’m going to discuss the front of my house.


More specifically, what to do for a deck/porch/entry to the front.

I’m now at a place financially where I can think about the exterior of the house and what to do to improve the entrance.  If you don’t remember or just because I like repeating myself =).  I was (still am) paying for everything as I go because you can’t get a mortgage for a tiny house.  Hence why the projects and items have taken so long to acquire or to do. Well, and I’m kinda in-decisive.  That could also be a big part of it.

Anyways, I’ve been wanting a portable deck or stair set up since day one but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I have a few ideas but am unsure which to go with.  I just said I was in-decisive, right? =)

Here’s my goals for this item for my house:

a) it must be mobile so that I can pack it up and take with me if/when I move again.

b) it must be big enough to fit my grill and/or chairs up on it’s surface OR not distract from those items if they are left on the ground level.  There is a 31″ difference between the ground and my front door.

ground to front door

This height is comparable to RV’s so I’ve been looking at portable RV decks like these:

Style #1
Style #2
There is another manufacturer but their website isn’t the best and I don’t think they make decks – steps only.  I’m ruling them out simply because of their poorly designed website. 

I’m leaning towards style #1 because I like how the black structural support would blend into my skirting.  Both manufacturers are around the same price so I’m not too concerned about that and that won’t be a deciding factor (are you shocked?!?!)  Style #2 is made from aluminum and is lighter in weight plus easier to set up so that is a win in my book for that one.   Next post I’ll discuss the size issue because I feel I could go on all day about that – it’s more complicated than it seems. =)

So which style do you like best?


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