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Hello!  Happy Friday!  Woohoo, it’s another weekend..and a long one at that for most of you, right?  It’s the 4th of July weekend yet the 4th is actually on a Tuesday so it’s makes it one of those weird holiday “weekends” I remember for having an office job.  Anyways, what are you plans?  I have yet to finalize mine so right now, it’s just another weekend in paradise. =)

Alright, todays topic is on this little personal air conditioner I saw posted on facebook.

MyChill PAC-20 Personal Cooler
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This is a little personal air conditioner.   This little guy uses water evaporation process to cool a 4′ radius (or a new one will cool at 6′ radius).  While the website doesn’t give the specs for this gadget, it does appear quite small.  Maybe smaller than a 1′-0″ cube but I can’t confirm this.  Depending upon energy use this could be a good idea for some tiny house dwellers in cooler summer climates.

This device has a fan that you plug into a regular electrical outlet.   You place water inside the reservoir (inside the cube) and the fan pushes the evaporated water/cooler air out which then cools the air within a 4′ radius.  This is not advertised as a full AC unit just to lower the temperature about 10 degrees in your personal space.

I don’t mean to disrespect anyone or their products (just solely stating my personal opinion) but don’t you think you could save yourself $79 and just put a bowl of water under a regular fan and have it do this exact same thing? Maybe? What do you think?  I’m interested to hear if anyone has tried this product.  It got good reviews on the website…

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  1. Not recommended, the water only puts more humidity into the air, this is what you want to remove from the air in the summer.

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