solar PAINT?

Hey, hey!  Happy Wednesday friends! How’s your week going so far? Mine is good.  Not quite as productive as I’m hoping (or needing) but still getting some things done.  So your probably wondering, “what does a professor do in the summer?”  Well, the summer is the time to do and/or write our research studies.  Since we’re so busy during the academic year with teaching classes the summer is the “free” time to work on research or write grant proposals.  It works REALLY well for me because I can work anywhere during the summer  months and since I’m more comfortable (and on my own time schedule) I get a ton of work done! It’s really great for me and my working style.  =)

Ok, so now on to today’s paint!  Have you heard of it?  Have you seen it?  No?  Me either!  well, that’s because it won’t be available for another 5 years…

Alright, alright, so this might be a complete gimmick because, really, solar PAINT?  Seems a bit far fetched but this video explains it a bit more.  Basically, you would paint your house exterior with this paint and it absorbs water vapor in the air, splits the molecules then uses the hydrogen molecule as fuel. It doesn’t go into details on how this process works or how you would store this “fuel”.

If this is actually a “thing” I don’t think it would produce enough fuel to power my house let alone a regular size house.  My regular solar panels don’t even have enough juice to power up my air conditioner  OR my fridge for the entire night (and I have a micro fridge) so I can’t imagine this paint being effective energy source.  I could be completely wrong and in 5 years who knows what might happen or be developed.  I know the Tesla roof shingles are on the market and a “thing” that works yet the price point isn’t main stream yet.

What are you opinions of the solar PAINT?  Is it a gimmick or a thing?

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