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Hello, hello!  Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a great weekend?!  I know your probably sick of me discussing ovens BUT I couldn’t pass up talking about it one more time!  I found this website to make your very own solar oven!  WHAT?  Yup, that’s right…why pay the $300+ price tag when you can DIY it.

How to make a DIY Solar Oven from a repurposed cardboard box. This is a great experiment for kids to learn about solar energy and sustainability.
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Check this out!  Not only does it seem really easy but also recycles that Amazon box for you. =) While this seems awesome there is a disclaimer that it must be at least 70 degrees outside for this to work and they only melted crayons (wax) so I don’t think this would work on food. Well, maybe to heat up leftovers or something but not to actually cook the food.  Maybe I’ll try this with my next Amazon order….stay tuned for results of my experiment! =)

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