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Hello friends!  How are you all doing?  Sorry for my absence last week.  I’ve been busy busy with work but am now back at it!  =)

Today’s topic is the Tiny House Jamboree!  I mentioned it a few weeks ago that the date and location changed and I got an e-mail yesterday with the updated information.  If you don’t remember, I went to this conference last August in Colorado Springs and had a fabulous time.  While it’s more for those in the planning or building phase it was still a great experience for me.  In fact, any time someone calls or writes me because they are interested in tiny houses I tell them to go…it was THAT good.  Honestly, for the $50 cover charge you got to listen to 3 days worth of seminars on all topics tiny house and the lifestyle to touring 50 tiny houses. =)  You can read about my experience last year here and here.

The Tiny House Jamboree was held at the Air Force Base in Colorado Springs last year.  That was a FABULOUS location given the weather and, well, I just love any excuse to visit the mountains in Colorado.  However, it was so well received and they had more visitors than expecting, it sort of outgrew that location.  Which is a bummer because they had free camping and well, did I mention it was Colorado?! =)

Having the Tiny House Conference in August was also a perfect time for me because we were still out on summer break.  In my book, last year was just a win-win.  There were over 50 tiny house builders who brought demo’s of their tiny houses for visitor tours.  If you were planning to go tiny this was a great time to meet the builders, maybe even find one you wanted to contract to build you house, find inspiration, and get great ideas about what designs worked for your lifestyle and what wouldn’t.

However, this year the conference is held in Texas – yup, Texas, and it’s from October 27 – 29th.  While I wasn’t planning to go anyways because I’m past the planning and building phase, Texas really isn’t appealing to me and it’s in October.  =(   However, I would still recommend anyone who is interested in the tiny house lifestyle, who is in the planning or building stage, to attend.  If nothing else the attendance price pays to visit 50 tiny houses in 1 location.

Would you attend this years tiny house regardless of the change in location?

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