Eco-friendly cooking – take 2

Hello, hello!  How’s your week going???  So something else related to that solar oven popped up on my facebook newsfeed which I thought I’d share.  I think I saw these advertised awhile ago but wasn’t sure how they would work either.  Have you heard of these?


My understanding is that you:


According to the Amazon wonderbag link you simply boil & simmer whatever you are cooking on the stovetop.  You then put a lid on your pot and stick it in this bag.  The bag will retain the heat and continue to cook whatever is the pot until your ready to eat.

There are a few recipes on the page but mostly they mention rice or other grains.  Not sure I would trust cooking meat in this as there is no other heat source other than what is retained from the initial heating period.  There is a disclaimer that food must stay above 135 degrees or be placed into a refrigerator.

What do you think of this no fuel (ok, little fuel because you have to heat up the pot before placing into this bag) cooking tool?  Would you use it or have you used one before?



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