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Hello and happy Tuesday!  Welcome back!  How’s everyone doing?  Me, I’m hanging in there.  It’s a busy time of the semester with last minute things, events, grading, projects, students freaking out, etc.  Plus I’m teaching a 2 week summer class right after the end of this term so I have to prepare for that…add on top of that, I’ve had an ear infection for the past week.  Yup, a grown adult with an ear infection.  I’ve been to see my doc and a specialist so I have some good meds.  I am on the mend but it has not been fun and quite painful. So what’s it like to be sick in a tiny house you ask….uh, just like being sick in a normal size house. ha! I spent a lot of time this weekend on the couch just relaxing,  drinking tea, watching movies, etc.  So really no different other than the fact that I also cleaned the whole house, which took all of 10 minutes so I guess that’s the added benefit to living tiny.

Another benefit…..

 My AMAZINGLY small electric bill!  Woohoo!  You will not believe this!  I moved to my new location on April 1 and started a new electric meter.  I logged it in yesterday (May 1) and had used, over the course of 30 days 80 kw of electric. This means my electric bill was a whooping $5.68!!!  I’m going to say that again….my electric bill in my new location for the month of April was $5.68!  This included, I think, 2 – 3 days of running the air conditioner and 2 – 3 days of running the wall convection heater.  I also ran my propane fireplace once this past weekend to take the chill out of the air before turning on the electric.  Using the fireplace doesn’t have an electric draw but I wanted to share that I used propane heat as well.  I also run a fan daily when it’s about 70 or hotter because my house sits in direct afternoon sun and can get quite toasty inside.   I also cook most of my meals at home of which 50% of those use the instant pot and/or the electric convection oven.  So I’m pretty stoked about this!  I think switching to a new toilet (which I can run 100% on solar) is a big help in the electric usage.

I’m curious to know how much of a spike I’ll have when I have to run the AC all the time….don’t worry, I’ll be sure to update you! =)

4 thoughts on “Electrifying news…

  1. How is this compared to last year’s bill? Or do you not have that days because it was included in the space rental?

    1. Well, things are set up a little different with the landlord and electric at both places so I can’t quite say what the difference is BUT I was paying between $30 – $80 at the old place. I didn’t read my meter there so I can’t compare. =(

        1. I agree! Another thing that I think contributes to the lower bill is the use of the on-site laundry. I’m not using my washer as much as before….

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