Hello, hello!  Happy Thursday everyone!  How are you all doing today? Having a great week?

Again, short post today BUT I have some interesting and good news….I sold my old composting toilet on ebay!!!

old toilet

This was quite a shock to me as I wasn’t sure if it would sell let alone had 15 bids!  I haven’t seen any used ones before on ebay and thought I would start there and then if it didn’t sell I would take it to Habitat for Humanity.  I duel posted on Craigslist as well – which someone local contacted me about AFTER it sold.  wah, wah. =(

Anyways, I stated that the toilet was used, empty, cleaned and sanitized but still used.  As a used toilet I put the starting big at $300 and someone bid $900!  …this is great, right…yes, but now I had to pack it and ship it and it’s not small.  In comparison – here is the new one and old, side by side

new in front, old in back

I went to FedEx to ask a quote on shipping and what to pack this guy in…the guy at FedEx told me to contact the local appliance store to see if they had any empty washer/dryer boxes.  After a quick call, they told me to go dumpster diving into their recycle bin out back.  I got two boxes since they were both missing a top and though I could piece them together.  (FecEx was going to charge me an arm and leg for a box so this recycled AND was free!) anyways, I ended up only needing 1 box because the toilet, even though it’s large wasn’t as big as a dryer.

boxed up

I took this to FedEx – they originally said not to tape it because they had to inspect it prior to shipping – so I let them pack it as well.   They put these little inflatable foam packs in the box and taped it up.  Out of site, out of mind.  I am so happy it sold!  I was honestly not sure what I was going to do with it.  My bike garage is now back to a bike garage and not a toilet storage room. =)


Alright guys, hope you have a fantastic Thursday and chat with you tomorrow!

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