Tailgating Tiny

TGIF!  What a week!  Did it fly by or what?  Guess it’s that time of year where everything seems to be in overdrive. It’s ok with me, just means we’re one more week closer to summer! =)

So, there is another tiny house in the town I’m currently living in!  Well, it’s maybe not an exact tiny house for someone to live in BUT instead, it’s used as a tailgate for football games!  Let me explain.

As you may be aware, I teach at a somewhat large university located in a southern mid-west town.  This town (and university) love their football, not unlike other universities and towns across the nation.  I just so happened to be on campus last Saturday morning.  I paced a 10K charity run held on campus.  Part of this event (well maybe not part of it but in addition to this event) the football team had their spring game.  This is where the team plays each other.  While this isn’t as big as a regularly scheduled football game where the team actually plays another university there were people out tailgating for this spring game.  The tailgating was starting as we were finishing the run and awards ceremony. As I was walking away from the run festivities I spotted a tiny house!

a tiny house in a parking lot…

I thought maybe it was a coffee shop set up for the runners so of course I went to check it out (and tried to be under cover to get pictures).

tiny house tailgate

And it’s someone’s personal tailgate! hahaha!  That opening is a bar with barstools set up on a big patio with 2 outside TV’s to broadcast the game. There is also a big TV on the inside wall opposite the bar area.  As it was someone’s personal tailgate I didn’t want to just make myself at home but it didn’t appear like anyone would stay in this as it was just set up to tailgate.  I’m not even sure there is a bathroom or anything as I don’t know how one would actually get inside the house.  The patio and that bar are only accessible by those patio stairs.  Speaking of that…I really like that patio and stair option for my tiny house.  I do need to get something figured out for the front of mine….

she needs a front patio

Do you think something like that would work at my tiny house?

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