Earth Day Texas

Hello hello!  How’s your week going so far?  I saw an advertisement for Earth Day Texas, which I won’t lie, doesn’t sound tiny house related what so ever and they need to work on that name…but it appears to be a tiny house conference-esque type of event in Dallas, Texas this coming weekend.  I really enjoyed the Tiny House Jamboree I attended last summer in Colorado Springs so I am curious about this one as it seems somewhat similar. You can read about it on this link.

At the Tiny House Jamboree last summer, a 3 day tiny house event in Colorado Springs, which you can read my recap here, I went to several talks or discussions and toured about 50 tiny homes.  Or maybe not 50 but they advertised that 50 tiny house builders would be there.  If your into tiny houses at all, it’s worth checking out.  It’s in August in Colorado Springs on the Air Force Academy grounds.  Anyways, during the event you were surrounded by other like minded individuals and it was a really cool experience.

This one in Dallas this coming weekend seems similar, there are tiny houses for display and talks and discussions, but maybe just on a smaller scale – or at least that’s what I’m picking up for the website.  I actually read about the event from this blog.

No, I’m not going to this one and I don’t plan to go to the Tiny House Jamboree this year either.  While it was a fabulous time and I met some great people, it is more geared towards those individuals in the planning or even building stages.  There wasn’t much information for those of us that actually live tiny.  I wish I’d have known about it the year before because I would have benefited from it tremendously since I was in the planning/building stage at that point.  Maybe then, I wouldn’t have made the huge toilet mistake. ha!

Would you attend a free or relatively inexpensive tiny house conference if you were in the planning phase?


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